The LA Church was planted in August 1989 by a group of 50 visionary disciples that were gathered from churches in Boston, San Diego, and San Francisco by the Boston Church of Christ. Since that beginning, we have witnessed thousands come to Christ through faithful labor, answered prayers and the sacrificial contributions of members and resources from numerous other congregations over the years, as well as from LA. We are presently organized into nine geographic regions throughout this great metropolitan area.


The LA Church embraces the commission of Christ to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”  From our very beginning, we have been committed to making disciples both locally and around the world.  We financially and spiritually support missions in Central America, Mexico, Baltic and Nordic countries, Russia, Ukraine, and the Middle East. 


Our members are from every background, nationality, ethnicity, and walk of life with one commitment in common:  the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  We believe in celebrating and valuing cultural and ethnic diversity as we work, fellowship, share, and pray together as brothers and sisters in Christ.


Our church is organized into eight self-supported regions. Each regional evangelist has been given the charge of equipping the brothers and sisters in his part of the LA church (region) to effectively evangelize his area with the saving message of Jesus Christ as well as helping one another mature in Christ.

In addition to the full-time staff, each region also has a ministry advisory group that consists of spiritually mature volunteers with whom the ministry staff consults concerning ministry ideas and plans. The ministry advisory group also contributes to periodic staff evaluations.

Each region has a regional financial advisory group that assists the ministry staff and the Board of Directors with the oversight of the finances in their particular region.

The core leadership of the LA Church consists of the volunteer small group leaders. These small groups meet in homes for Bible Study, fellowship, prayer, discipling, and outreach and are our primary medium for building and growing the family of God.


Dick & Anna Gee (Coastal LA)
George & Sara Mathew (Coastal LA)
Andy & Karina Winje
(Coastal LA)
Mike & Christy Stephen (Lifeway)
Dave & Shirley Moss 
Joe & Sandy Newfield 
Jacob & Susan Esperanto
(Metro LA)
Edgar & Dawn Sanchez
(Metro LA)
Tien & Tesa Vu
(Metro LA)
Doug & Joanne Webber (Metro LA)


Collin & Sunny Lee (North)
Gregg & Denise Lotane (North)
Jerry & Terry Lucera (North)
James & Vickie Willis (Orange County)
David & Cece Bruce (Turning Point)
Kevin & Tracena Holland (Turning Point)
John & Karen Thomas (Turning Point)
Mike & Kim Upton (Turning Point)
Mark & Catherine Shump (Westside)


Steve & Jacqueline Morici (Coastal LA)
Scott & Danielle Sweeney (Inland Empire)
Sergio & Kristin Arguello (Inland Empire)
Rafael & Griselda Lua (Lifeway)
Mike & Ayumi Mead (Lighthouse)


Robert & Michelle Carrillo (Metro LA)
Pending (North)
Steve & Charley Stevenson (Orange County)
Kevin & Trae Holland (Turning Point)
Steve & Carie Lounsbury (Westside)



Brian Gold (Chief Operating Officer)
Michael Wooten (General Counsel)
Sara Castrellon (Project Manager & Administration)
Turnwall (Director of Digital Media)

Chris Yen (Chief Financial Officer)
Ann Overstreet
Robin Heskett (Accountant)
Kathy Yen (Accounts Payable)